Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Photos from the Presidio

 From its vantage point overlooking the
spectacular Golden Gate, Fort Point
protected San Francisco Harbor from
Confederate & foreign attack during &
after the U.S. Civil War. Its beautiful
arched casemates display the art of the
master brick mason from the Civil War

Presidio - San Francisco

Intrepid Traveler is on the road again!!!
Visiting Mary in San Francisco --

Some photos from the Presidio -- Crissy Field (top); Golden
Gate - celebrating 75 years!! (right). The presidio was established in 1776 when the Spanish arrived to establish the northernmost outpost of their empire in western North then fell under Mexican
rule for 24 years before the U.S. Army took control of it in 1846. For
over 148 years, the Army transformed the Presidio grounds from
empty windswept dunes and scrub to a verdant, preeminent
military post.  Since 1994, the Presidio has been under the care of
the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National
Recreation Area.

Lunch at Presidio Social Club; when this was an operating Army base this building was the enlisted men's barracks.

View from upstairs bedroom of an open house;
A lot of the housing is being updated &
modernized and available for rental -- this
particular home had three floors + full basement
(5 bedrooms; 3 baths; kitchen; dining room and
living room)...bidding for rent begins at $12,300
per month plus extra for parking!!!