Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Wing tour.

After a late afternoon nap. We made our way to the White House. Due to a friendship we were able to have a "private" tour of the West Wing. There were quite a few private tours going on. It was an amazing look at what most of us just see through the news, tv, and movies. I want to thank my friend Nancy and her daughter Nell, who got us in the "house"! After the tour we went to the rooftop bar of the W, which overlooks the White House. Had a late supper and drinks. A fitting end to the annual gathering of the WWOWs.

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Initial posting for today.

Took this morning easy and went off to the Kennedy Center, lovely docent tour for the two of us! Had lunch at Georgia Brown's, a must if you're visiting the city! Low country southern cuisine, with white table cloths. Had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and collard greens......yuuuummmmy! Since I've never been able to make good fried chicken I eat it whenever it's available. We then headed to St Matthews Cathedral, I believe this is the church where Kennedy's funeral took place, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, who moi! It is a very beautiful, somewhat understated place of worship. Lit some candles and said some prayers, for my boys and for patience-something which I sorely lack! Tonight we go to the White House.

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Spiral staircase in Supreme Court building.

Rubbing our shoes on "lucky" stone!

The Capitol at night.

Monday, April 18, 2011

OMG my feet hurt!

Started at the Library of Congress, I recommend the free docent tour. Next the Supreme Court, quick lecture in the court room. Next had a Capitol tour, arranged through Anne's rep. Connie Mack. I recommend if you go to arrange it through either your senator or rep, it was basically a private tour and we didn't have to wait in line for tickets! Next went to Air and Space museum. Next we went to dinner, Johnny's Half Shell, not far from Capitol. Walked up to Union Station, decided to walk the memorials since it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Vietnam memorial, Lincoln memorial, Korean War all the way back to Smithsonian to pick up the Metro to hotel. Started this morning at 9:30am and got back "home" after 11pm, my back, feet, and head all ache and now the weatherman says it won't rain tomorrow!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today we slept in, after all what's a Sunday morning without a sleep in! Got a cap at Starbucks for breakfast and headed to the Metro. Off to Nationals Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We sat in the second row, visitor dugout, inside third base! Nationals had a double header, both of which they won. Made our way back and went to Oyamel for dinner. Two pitchers of Marguerites, not by myself people, and many small plates. Food and drink excellent, if you find yourself in DC make reservations. Dessert from Red Velvet cupcakes, not as good as NYC's Magnolia Bakery, but sugar is never turned down! Nightcap and off to bed.
Forgot to mention we had dinner last night at Founding Farmers, a co-op of some 40 local farmers. It was another winner and well worth a stop by if in town. Make reservations these places are very popular when we left Farmers around 10pm people were still waiting for tables!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mt Vernon

Mt Vernon, George Washington's home

Rainy Day Woes for this WWOW!

Let me start by saying yesterday was less than smooth. I know I'm griping, because after all it wasn't that bad. My flight from SFO was delayed due to bad weather elsewhere, it was blue skies and bright sun in San Francisco. Then we had a bit of a bumpy ride into Dallas, where my next flight was over an hour late in departing. Finally made it to DC, found the Metro like a pro. I was wishing I had brought along hat and mittens, I could have used them while I waited for the train in the howling wind. Arrived at hotel around 11pm. Anne and I went to sports bar for a bite and nightcap. What, it was a hard and long day! Tossed and turned all night and was awoken by incoming text at 6:30am. Off to Mt Vernon at 7am, overcast and drizzle. Boat ride was uneventful, but the rain had started coming down noticeably! Who's idea was this anyway, oh right mine! Touring Washington's homestead in pouring rain not the best, if we'd had a chance to postpone, but alas when pressed for time the tough just do it! I bet on a nice day it is an amazing sight, approximately 8000 acres. Toured the mansion, which started out as a modest farm house, saw a couple of brief films, and went through the education center. Lots of kids on Spring break! Got a bite to eat before making our way back to boat. Once onboard realized I'd screwed up with my new camera and not one picture turned out! Took a taxi back to hotel and back to the bar for a pick me up! Nap time before we head off to Founding Farmers for dinner.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long time no see, or is it I'm too busy!

No need to fear I have been out of my house since July, 2010 though I did not blog on the excursions. All of which included December trip to Chicago, what was I thinking, oh right child in college there. Following short trip with three weeks of being ill. That will teach me, winter = warm destinations not 19ยบ highs. Two trips to Florida, February and March; one a sister's get together and yes I spent Spring Break in Florida, with all the hip people (there were a lot of walkers and canes too)! I'm anxious for winter to end as I bet most of you are, baseball is in the air and the annual WWOW trip is rapidly approaching. Yes we've deviated from our usual summer trip but hey what's the point of being wild women if you can't mix things up! Of course here's the kicker, the girls are heading to Washington D.C. a week from Friday. Let's all write our congress people and urge them to get a deal together and sign the damn budget, because it is so irresponsible of them not to do their job but let's face it we're coming to town - don't close it down!