Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long time no see, or is it I'm too busy!

No need to fear I have been out of my house since July, 2010 though I did not blog on the excursions. All of which included December trip to Chicago, what was I thinking, oh right child in college there. Following short trip with three weeks of being ill. That will teach me, winter = warm destinations not 19ยบ highs. Two trips to Florida, February and March; one a sister's get together and yes I spent Spring Break in Florida, with all the hip people (there were a lot of walkers and canes too)! I'm anxious for winter to end as I bet most of you are, baseball is in the air and the annual WWOW trip is rapidly approaching. Yes we've deviated from our usual summer trip but hey what's the point of being wild women if you can't mix things up! Of course here's the kicker, the girls are heading to Washington D.C. a week from Friday. Let's all write our congress people and urge them to get a deal together and sign the damn budget, because it is so irresponsible of them not to do their job but let's face it we're coming to town - don't close it down!

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