Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Woes for this WWOW!

Let me start by saying yesterday was less than smooth. I know I'm griping, because after all it wasn't that bad. My flight from SFO was delayed due to bad weather elsewhere, it was blue skies and bright sun in San Francisco. Then we had a bit of a bumpy ride into Dallas, where my next flight was over an hour late in departing. Finally made it to DC, found the Metro like a pro. I was wishing I had brought along hat and mittens, I could have used them while I waited for the train in the howling wind. Arrived at hotel around 11pm. Anne and I went to sports bar for a bite and nightcap. What, it was a hard and long day! Tossed and turned all night and was awoken by incoming text at 6:30am. Off to Mt Vernon at 7am, overcast and drizzle. Boat ride was uneventful, but the rain had started coming down noticeably! Who's idea was this anyway, oh right mine! Touring Washington's homestead in pouring rain not the best, if we'd had a chance to postpone, but alas when pressed for time the tough just do it! I bet on a nice day it is an amazing sight, approximately 8000 acres. Toured the mansion, which started out as a modest farm house, saw a couple of brief films, and went through the education center. Lots of kids on Spring break! Got a bite to eat before making our way back to boat. Once onboard realized I'd screwed up with my new camera and not one picture turned out! Took a taxi back to hotel and back to the bar for a pick me up! Nap time before we head off to Founding Farmers for dinner.

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