Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago day 6

Today we took the "L" out to Oak Park. Oak Park is famous for being the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Ernest Hemingway, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The village of Oak Park was the American Frontier in the 1830's not a suburb of Chicago as it is today. We toured Wright's home, where you could see the evolution of his design concepts as he experimented with his own environment. The town boasts many examples of Wright's Prairie School design that is his hallmark.
Later we enjoyed dinner in the theatre district at Pettirino's. Tomorrow we all head off to four different directions until sometime next year.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicago day, I don't remember!

Started the day early participated in a Segway Tour. After a short safety video with stick figures falling and hitting their heads we were led to our Segways for some one on one instruction. Must say I was a little apprehensive, I'm a bit balance challenged. Once I had a few minutes tooling around it became quite fun. Went through Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Museum Campus.
After lunch we took an architectural tour via the Chicago River. Old, new, Chicago has been on the forefront of innovative design for years.
A brief rest, a drink at the bar, and off to the White Sox game. Cellular One is a fairly new and comfortable venue to take in a game. We're getting very familiar with riding the "L", it's a great way to get around the city.
On our way home we stopped into Pop's for champaign.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicago day four

Anne and I hired a car to take us to Queen of Heaven Mausoleum in Hillside this morning where our grandparents are interred. We had time left over so our driver gave us a ride up Lake Shore Drive to Loyola. Chicago has wonderful green areas and with the weather being cooperative today people were out on their bikes, running, playing volleyball and basking in the sun along the lake shore. He (Chip) suggested a few real Chicago eateries we might enjoy. So we had lunch at Al's, Italian shaved beef sandwiches, mmmmmm. Walked off the meal taking in the Tribune and Wrigley buildings and the Chicago River. It's amazing how much cooler it is by the river. Put our feet up for a bit before heading to the ballgame. Took the "L" to Wrigley Field, a place where my dad and granddad would go on any given day to watch the Cubs. Tonight they lost to the Cards in extra innings but a fun time was had by all.
Ultimately the Giants and Yankees won so everyone in this camp is pleased!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Continuation of day three

Andy's Jazz Club was great. Had a few drinks, ate some pizza, and listened to some wonderful jazz. Chicago must have the market on the most uncomfortable seats! Went back to hotel and had a nightcap.
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Chicago,day three

Woke to the boom of thunder, followed by lightening and more thunder, and poring rain. Rain let up and the sun made an appearance, so did the steamy temps. We started our day off at Starbucks before hitting the Magnificent Mile for some shopping. Yes, shopping! We wound our way through shops and streets eventually making our way to Ed Debevic's diner. A diner where the wait staff abuses the patrons and they dance on the counter. The hot dogs are 1/2 pounders with the works and they serve the world's smallest hot fudge sundae (served in an egg cup). Room hadn't been made up when we returned at 3:30pm, really no reason for this kind of service, we left this morning by 9am! At the bar waiting and tonight we're off to Andy's Jazz Club.

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Ed Debevic's

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicago, day two

We're staying at the James Hotel, Ontario St./ Rush. Nice boutique hotel close to shopping and within walking distance to Navy Pier, Millennium Park. Today we slept in and then checked with concierge about stuff to keep us occupied. We then walked to Navy Pier, rides, amusements, children's museum, and restaurants on the lake. Ate lunch at Harry Caray's Tavern and then went on a lake tour, trying to cool down. Very hot and humid here. Met up with the girls at hotel bar. Dinner at David Burke, excellent, and then went to Second City. Funny, irreverent, and the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in. Taxi ride from hell back to hotel, started raining during dinner but had let up while we were at the show. Tucked in for the night listening to some ferocious thunder!

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Training It

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. To be honest I have done some traveling I haven't written about. There was a baptism and some baseball games back east earlier this year. So I'm on my way to Chicago and just to do something different I'm going by train. The California Zephyr, San Francisco to Chicago in only two and a half days! Yikes what was I thinking, adventure, timeless travel. Well it's not the Orient Express and train cabins in the movies seem so much larger. So far all the service crew have been wonderful, my bathroom is a wee bit small not much more than toilet width (but at least I don't have to go down the hall), and what passes for a shower isn't much more than the spray hose of my kitchen sink at home! Thank god for my iPad,iPod,iPhone,and ATT service! The Sierra Nevada mountains are gorgeous and the climb up them via train is a very different experience than by automobile. First you're not spying for highway patrol and then you don't have all those crazy drivers to deal with, I am wondering if once I get off the train I'll be able to walk a straight line. I'm looking forward to being rocked to sleep, like a baby, will let you know if I get tossed out of bed.
So I tried posting this the other day and found a glitch between iPad and blogger. Figured it out and hopeful that this will work.
Meanwhile made it to Chicago,train was two hours late,couldn't get into Union Station for another thirty minutes. Had a fabulous dinner at Alinea ( would highly recommend if you're in Chicago) 9:30pm and rolled into bed at one in the morning! Still rocking from the train ride. I am not a train person, at least not long distance!

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