Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicago day four

Anne and I hired a car to take us to Queen of Heaven Mausoleum in Hillside this morning where our grandparents are interred. We had time left over so our driver gave us a ride up Lake Shore Drive to Loyola. Chicago has wonderful green areas and with the weather being cooperative today people were out on their bikes, running, playing volleyball and basking in the sun along the lake shore. He (Chip) suggested a few real Chicago eateries we might enjoy. So we had lunch at Al's, Italian shaved beef sandwiches, mmmmmm. Walked off the meal taking in the Tribune and Wrigley buildings and the Chicago River. It's amazing how much cooler it is by the river. Put our feet up for a bit before heading to the ballgame. Took the "L" to Wrigley Field, a place where my dad and granddad would go on any given day to watch the Cubs. Tonight they lost to the Cards in extra innings but a fun time was had by all.
Ultimately the Giants and Yankees won so everyone in this camp is pleased!
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