Friday, July 23, 2010

Training It

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. To be honest I have done some traveling I haven't written about. There was a baptism and some baseball games back east earlier this year. So I'm on my way to Chicago and just to do something different I'm going by train. The California Zephyr, San Francisco to Chicago in only two and a half days! Yikes what was I thinking, adventure, timeless travel. Well it's not the Orient Express and train cabins in the movies seem so much larger. So far all the service crew have been wonderful, my bathroom is a wee bit small not much more than toilet width (but at least I don't have to go down the hall), and what passes for a shower isn't much more than the spray hose of my kitchen sink at home! Thank god for my iPad,iPod,iPhone,and ATT service! The Sierra Nevada mountains are gorgeous and the climb up them via train is a very different experience than by automobile. First you're not spying for highway patrol and then you don't have all those crazy drivers to deal with, I am wondering if once I get off the train I'll be able to walk a straight line. I'm looking forward to being rocked to sleep, like a baby, will let you know if I get tossed out of bed.
So I tried posting this the other day and found a glitch between iPad and blogger. Figured it out and hopeful that this will work.
Meanwhile made it to Chicago,train was two hours late,couldn't get into Union Station for another thirty minutes. Had a fabulous dinner at Alinea ( would highly recommend if you're in Chicago) 9:30pm and rolled into bed at one in the morning! Still rocking from the train ride. I am not a train person, at least not long distance!

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