Friday, August 14, 2009

Yesterday was relatively relaxing once I arrived back in Milford, but I must admit jet lag was tugging at me (I required an afternoon Starbucks). Hung out and posted on blog, read awhile, had sushi and soft serve for dinner. Today is all about lobster rolls and the Mets/Giants night game. Oh, yes, the reason for the excursion east was all about baseball. Fingers crossed, the Giants need to beat every team they see between now and the end of the season!
Well, we sat in traffic for a good two hours to get to CitiField. The weather was great, comfortable for an August night. As we were going to our seats the announcement came on the jumbotron that six years ago today (August 14, 2003) the Giants were also in town to play the Mets when the great blackout hit. It also just so happens that Adam and I were in NY to see the series in 2003 and were stuck in that blackout. The game did not go our way tonight, Zito lost, again! The new Mets home is wonderful though and a giant step up from Shea, we sat behind the Mets dugout in the first row so if you watched on TV you might have seen us.
Tomorrow we will beat them!

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