Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday we had tix to the night session, which was suspended due to rain eventually. The morning started off on a bright note. We had intended to take " The Beast," a thirty minute cruise on a high speed boat in New York harbor. The hotel sent us over to the pier in their Bentley, only "The Beast" was not running due to mechanical problems. We then had to make our way back on foot from 42nd & 12th to 55th & 5th, oy vey! While on route we diverted to Petrossian's for lunch then made our way back to hotel before tennis. It was a windy, cold, and wet night.
Today we're waiting out the weather and whether we head to the tennis center. Tonight we have tix to a new show that is in previews. "A Steady Rain" with Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman....ok so you can be jealous now.

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