Friday, May 18, 2012


Started out today with the alarm going off at 4am. Arrived at airport in record time, not many fools out that early even in New York! British Air has a lovely lounge with all sorts of food, beverages, and alcohol! No it was too early, I know what you were thinking. First time we took the morning flight into the UK and it really is worth it. We weren't nearly as sleepy and irritable as when taking the over night flight. Luggage came off right away, that's the second time this trip keeping my fingers crossed. Hotel the same as it was last time, probably the same it's been the last 200 years! Dinner and beverages were definitely called for, even though it was 9pm. The place was hopping. Took a bit of time, maybe more than a bit, figuring out our technology. I guess it's time for bed, big day planned for tomorrow.

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