Saturday, May 19, 2012

London Overview

Roused ourselves at 10:30 this morning....received a 'reminder call' from our cruise rep that breakfast service would soon be over & we should get downstairs asap, if we wanted something to eat(god forbid we should miss a meal !:)....little did she know that this 'old' body is still operating on NY time and it was only 5:30am!!!! Finally made our way to the dining room, had our 'proper' English Breakfast; ready to face the day.....First stop was Borough Market; took the Underground to London Bridge, wound our way around the streets and found the bustling market can find anything & everything here!! stop - Tate say the least, some very interesting exhibits!! Walked over the 'Millennium Bridge', hailed a Taxi and returned to the hotel for an enjoyable High Tea!!!

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