Thursday, June 18, 2009

One week and counting. 
There are business travelers who can live out of a carry on for a week, I know because I've talked with them and I still can't figure it out. Then there's the guy with the travel show on PBS, he lives out of a backpack and washes his clothes in the hotel sink, right I don't think I'll be doing that.
If I were my mother I would have been packed a month ago, if I were my nephew I'd wait another week. Not to say I haven't been thinking about what to pack. The ever present thought running through the brain, "Will I really need this?"  Worry over packing to much or not enough. I pride myself on being a great packer, though sometimes the bag is heavier than I can lift. I invariably seem to pack items I never get around to using or wearing. So if baggage weight and efficiency are the concern of the day what's a gal to do. How many shoes are too many, and maybe this trip will be the time I get to wear those purple Louboutin's!

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