Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today we board the ship, Crystal Symphony. After my 4am outing and a short nap we met our friends for breakfast. Bags went out and we headed for the bus. Our tour took us to old town which we’d done twice already, the Vasa museum, and Milles Garden. The Vasa was an old warship which made it’s maiden voyage in 1628, all of twenty minutes before it sank. Staying under the water 350 years when it’s rescue mission was started. It is an impressive site and is an on going experiment in preservation. We then headed to Milles Garden the once home of Carl Milles (1875-1955), Swedish sculptor. The villa and gardens have an Italian influence and feature his sculptures, ok so I guess you figured that out already. His works are represented in most every country in the world. Milles spent 20 years in the USA, and was not only an artist but a teacher. 

We then went to the pier and proceeded to go through the process of boarding, picture taking and credit card swiping. Our cabin was not ready, deja vu, so we explored the ship and had lunch. The afternoon was taken up with meeting our butler, stewardess,and unpacking. We then regrouped and headed back to the city for the Absolut Ice Bar. This is a bar made of ice; walls, tables, and benches are all made of ice. You are given a parka and mittens when you enter and your time is limited. They sell, obviously, drinks made with Absolut vodka. The place was deserted but the drink was yummy. Mine tasted like apple pie with cinnamon. From there we walked down the longest shopping street in the city into old town, did I mention deja vu. Finally weary and with feet failing me we headed back to the ship and dinner. It is now 12:25am and I am running on reserve battery so will say goodnight before the bloody sun comes up!

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  1. Hey, sisters,
    Sounds beautiful so far and the Ice Bar must have been remarkable; and cold. Have the workout clothes been getting a workout?