Sunday, June 21, 2009

One week to go - who cares about shoes and clothing??? My big worry is making sure I pack the chargers for all my electronics and wondering if the "universal" plug that I throw in the bag will actually work this time!!! If history is any indicator, it won't!!! To set your collective minds at ease, all cameras, batteries, sd cards, ipod and kindle are in a pile on my bedroom floor!!!!
Thanks to Charlotte for checking on weather; now I won't have to pack the bathing suit - didn't want to take it in the first place - imagine the room it would take up in the suit case!! In place of the bathing suit, I will now throw in my exercise clothing - you can all now place bets on how much use they will get - and I promise never to lie about how many times I hit the fitness center or walk around the ship!!!
Furthermore, don't believe us when we say we will pack carefully; it'll never happen - we'll both still have two large suitcases that we won't be able to lift and a carry on!! Oh well, maybe SAS & BA won't charge us for being overweight (uh, luggage that is!!)!!!

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