Saturday, July 4, 2009

St. Petersburg.....
Tonight we went to Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin. There was a band playing as we entered the grounds, a tour of the palace and royal carriages, with demonstrations of music and dancing. It is a grand place with many more in the Czar village which we will see tomorrow; one wonders or not when such wealth is spent and such opulent lifestyles are lived by a select few why the “everyman” revolted! We had a good time though, we expected to eat in the palace but instead were shuttled off to a palace annex. Not a place Catherine would have eaten. There was great entertainment and a celebration of my birthday thanks to the ladies with whom I‘m traveling. The food was supposed to be typical Russian fare but I didn’t see a beet anywhere.
 Topped the night off with a nightcap and sing along in the piano bar on board ship. All and all a festive fourth.
I have a video to add to this post but it is taking too long to download, and as it is almost 3am and we have to be on the road by 7am I think I'll try posting the video tomorrow/later today.

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  1. Looks like Queen Mary and Empress Anne are having good time.
    You better enjoy it,before comrade Obama introduces you to KGB.

    To Russia with love.Andrej(better known as ("All by Himself Andy")