Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today we slept in, first time in twelve or so days. Had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. Headed over to the British museum (approximately a 2 mile walk) via Hyde Park (speakers corner was very lively today), up Oxford Street (oh my the crowds), and hooked a left onto Bloomsbury Street (Virginia Wolfe and cohorts area), mistakingly went in back entrance (actually good idea because when we exited onto Russell Street side it was a zoo). Saw the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian and Greek exhibits (plundered antiquities) and decided enough was enough. The museums in London are free which makes for a crowded experience but still a good idea. After all the walking we hailed a cab which took us back to our hotel in a round about way, an unexpected sightseeing trip! As soon as we arrived we headed to the bar, yippee! We are off to eat seafood tonight, will let you know how that goes tomorrow. Sorry no pics, been to London town several times now and don't feel like toting camera around, will consider it for tomorrow.

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