Sunday, July 5, 2009

St. Petersburg.....

Catherine & Alexander’s Palace in Pushkin, Peterhof Park, and Nicholas ll’s mini cottage. 

Well the experience at Catherine’s digs was very different from last night’s tour. Today we were among many other groups and you will see in the pics the effect. 

Alexander’s Palace is in the process of refurbishment, with few original aspects remaining. The guide said that when the military took over much was destroyed. 

After this we went to a restaurant and had traditional Russian fare, again. This time we did get borscht, the lunch was very good. Small vodka bottles graced each table, when in Rome.....! Shots were had by all and the table next to us didn’t finish their bottle and past it on to us. The girls held their own and more!

Peterhof Park/Palace was the home of Peter the Great, we did not go inside the palace. The grounds though are magnificent, the palace sits on the Bay of Finland. 

By the time we got to the mini cottage, all of us had had enough so opted to sit outside and take in the fresh air.

We leave St. Pete as I’m writing, on to Helsinki, Finland.

I still have to post pics for yesterday Charlotte brought the camera last night and I need to get her flash card. For some reason posting pics tonight is taking too long, will try some other time.

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